10 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing

Best Wordpress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing

10 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the newest buzzword. It is an important method that companies use to promote their products and reach a larger audience. The increase in sales, the traffic and leads that are qualified, a wider branding reach, and improved search engine rankings are some of the primary advantages associated with affiliate marketing. So, in this article, I will be telling you the top 10 WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing

In 2016 US retailers spent $4.7 billion on affiliate marketing. Amazingly, marketing through affiliate marketing spending is projected to increase to $6.8 billion in 2020, according to figures released by eMarketer.

Beginning an affiliate program is very simple. All you require is an online presence with traffic and the products you’re willing to market and the rest takes care of itself. With a successful Affiliate marketing program, bloggers can earn money while sleeping!

10 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking to utilize your website to promote affiliate marketing, then these are the top plugins to make use of. Let’s start with the very first one.


If you’re looking for an extremely efficient Affiliate marketing option, AffiliateWP is definitely the solution for you. The most simple and effective management tool to use with WordPress, AffiliateWP boasts some powerful features that aid in growing your business and earning money. It lets you determine the rate of referrals for your products on a per-affiliate basis. Affiliates are able to continually market the products or services to boost the visibility of your site, which will be evident in your website’s ranking in the SEO search results. When your site’s rankings improve it will get more visitors, which means increased conversions for customers paying.

WP Chat Bot

WP-Chatbot is a WordPress plugin created by MobileMonkey and provides a simple option to incorporate Facebook Messenger chat into your WordPress website. Of course, you can use the native plugin of Facebook however this plugin comes with numerous additional features to help increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts through affiliate marketing efforts. Imagine creating an interactive FB chatbot for your site and then being able to talk with your customers through FB! This is one step towards affiliate marketing with a swell of.


  • One-click to install WordPress
  • Specific positioning and customizing
  • Custom-made greeting cards
  • Page branding on Facebook page branding
  • Fully integrated fully with MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger solutions platform


The Affiliates plugin was created by Kento and Itching. It is an excellent plugin that will help you expand your business quickly. The plugin has been downloaded by over 7k customers. The easy-to-install and use plugin comes with features that are built-in, such as automated registration for affiliates and the possibility of integrating affiliates into nearly any membership or e-commerce platform including premium and free. It makes the plugin an ideal option to sell on online stores and membership websites. The plugin will allow you to manage a successful affiliate marketing program, while also helping you determine what’s working and what’s not.

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Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager has been dubbed the fastest-growing advertising technique. It integrates with the most well-known e-commerce options such as WooCommerce, Simple Shopping Cart, WP eCommerce, JigoShop, Easy Digital Downloads, iThemes Exchange, WP eStore, Paid Membership Pro, and many more. This plugin lets you monitor as many affiliates as you’d like while providing live reports as soon as the website receives traffic and sales are reported. This allows you to manage your affiliate program simply by providing a glance at the report.


One of the most effective tools for managing affiliate links available currently, ThirstyAffiliates allows you to manage affiliate links on the WordPress site. It then passes the traffic to an affiliate program and assists in generating revenues. With this plugin, you can include links on posts or cloaks, and even auto-insert them into your WordPress site in a short time and then sort the links into groups. The plugin allows you to see how each link performs on your site.


If you’re just beginning and you’re overwhelmed by all the various advertising options for WordPress, Adsanity is here to assist you. Although the plugin is easy to use it does not compromise the most essential functions. This plugin for light ad rotator lets you make and manage ads within your WordPress dashboard. You can also add banners as well as videos, graphics, in-post images as well as other content. You can also program the display time of banners and ads on your website too. You can also monitor the performance of each component on the site by way of reports on performance.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a premium affiliate WordPress plugin that comes with many amazing features such as affiliate ranking and custom commissions, unlimited affiliates, payments made by Stripe and PayPal, and lifetime commissions. banners social linking, signup referrers, multiple integrations shortcodes, custom fields for forms tied commissions, coupons, and landing page commissions with multi-lingual support QR codes, as well as helpful affiliate links are among the main aspects that make the plugin an absolutely essential item. This affordable and flexible solution for managing affiliates is provided by a renowned writer, Azzaroco.

Amazon Associates Central: EasyAzon

It was in 1996 that Amazon began one of the most innovative online affiliate marketing programs, Amazon Associates Central. Bloggers and website owners get a referral fee every time an individual purchases an item from Amazon by clicking on hyperlinks on their sites. Nowadays, a vast number of affiliate marketers use this Amazon Affiliate program in order to earn money from their blogs. EasyAzon is an effective plugin designed to be a complete system that works with WordPress blogs, with many options. Of all the options that are available, localization of links is my preference, as it ensures that you do not miss the opportunity to earn a commission.


A content platform for monetizing content, SkimLinks is another amazing affiliate marketing tool that will help tech bloggers to monetize their WordPress websites by adding affiliate hyperlinks to their blog posts. The greatest benefit of this plugin which is easy to install is its capability to make use of the content published on your site’s blogs. It converts your blog posts into affiliate links automatically linking keywords that can be made monetizable through affiliate hyperlinks.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

It is gaining popularity as a top choice for both store owners and the developers who use it, WooCommerce is a 100 100% cost-free eCommerce plugin that allows stores to boost their revenue by giving them commissions on sales that make a difference to those who refer customers in exchange for increased exposure for your product which is often difficult to obtain. It is designed for large and small-sized online retailers using WordPress, WooCommerce has become well-known due to its ease of use and the capability to set various commission rates and calculate automatic refunds.

WordPress Affiliate & Referral

One of the most popular affiliate WordPress plugins of all time, WordPress Affiliate & Referral lets you manage your affiliate program as simply as pie. It’s a simply beautiful, cost-effective, and gorgeous plugin with features such as endless referrals and real-time reports amazing shortcodes, social sharing buttons as well as cookies and notifications, and many more that will help your affiliate program become an absolute success. The highlight is the convenience of making payments via PayPal.

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