10 Technical SEO Tips You Should Follow In 2023

10 technical seo tips to follow

10 Technical SEO Tips You Should Follow In 2023

SEO can be a difficult and time-consuming procedure. It involves various stages and needs to be executed correctly. Once you’ve completed creating top-quality content for your website, begin making an On-page optimization. Then goes Off-page SEO. But the real deal is the technical SEO which is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, here I am ready to provide you top SEO tips that will be super beneficial to you.

If you believe that your website is sufficient for your site to rank on Google within the Top 10, you are incorrect!

The last stage of the SEO process for your website is its technical side. Only SEO optimization by a professional can ensure that your website is running smoothly on the internet.

In this article, I’ll provide 10 evergreen SEO tips that will assist you in improving your position. Let’s start

Content Hierarchy

I’d like to begin by defining an overview of the content hierarchical definition. Content hierarchy is the way that the pages on the website are placed. There are two kinds of content hierarchy: flat and deep. Let’s take a look at what each kind of hierarchy is.

A flat hierarchy allows users to access the majority of pages in just a few clicks. A deep hierarchy requires users to complete more actions in the order in order to get to the page they desire

Let’s look at how each hierarchy impacts how users’ experience.

If the content isn’t buried beneath several levels (flat hierarchy) and is easier to access for people. Contrary to this underlying hierarchy, a deeper one implies that your content will be more difficult to locate. The majority of users don’t enjoy this method.

An extensive hierarchy (that is comprised of only a handful of categories at every level) generalizes content that is difficult for users to manage. A flat hierarchy gives users content that is broken down into distinct categories. It is much easier to locate the content you are looking for.

What Do Website Owners Want To See On Their Sites?

They want to see if users can access the page of the website in just a couple of clicks at the beginning of the page.

Keep In Safe Your ‘Sensitive’ Content From Spiders Using Robots.Txt

Sometimes it’s essential to hide the most important pages on your website away from Googlebot as well as other crawlers. Who would want to be the target of a bot who crawls your admin page? It’s not anyone.

The best method to ensure that your sensitive content is secure from spiders is to stop spiders with robots.txt. Here’s a thorough overview of the meaning robot.txt can do and the best way you can utilize it.

Use ‘Www’ Or ‘Non-Www’

Because this post is about the details of technical issues in SEO, I’d like to explain to you the difference in technical terms between “www” and “non-www.’

The domain “Non-www” is considered to be more of a “naked” domain that has no advantages in terms of technology. However the domain ‘www’ is a hostname that assists with DNS flexibility, as well also has the capability of limiting cookies by using several subdomains.

Which One Is Better To Use?

Google says that the choice between the domain ‘www’ and the non-www domain is the sole decision of the website’s owner. This is one of the best SEO tips you will ever get regarding website setup. 

But, it is important to set up a 301 redirect to the domain you’re not using any longer. You can create a preferred domain using the aid of Google Search Console.

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Always Use 301 Redirects For Moved/Deleted Pages

I’d like to start with a short description of what the 301 redirect means.

The 301 redirect is a constant transfer from one website to the next. The 301 redirects direct website users as well as search engine users to another URL that is not the one they initially entered into their browsers or chose from a search results page.

Let’s look at the main motives for why redirects to 301 can be setup:

Rename or rebrand a website using an alternative URL

To link web conventions that are common to all websites with a single URL, maximizing the authority of the domain

Sending traffic to a website via other URLs belonging to the same company.

It is possible that 301 redirects could be unable to retain some link juice however Google has confirmed these redirects are able to pass all link values.

Keep your eyes on pages that you can delete. Redirect the pages by using 301 redirects.

Set Canonical URLs To The Similar Content

To help you understand A rel=canonical component, we can understand it as an HTML element that assists in avoiding content duplicates. Also, it informs Google that URLs that are similar are identical.


It is crucial to make use of the element for eCommerce websites, where the possibility of filtering categories based on different attributes may result in the creation of multiple URLs that have similar content.

Don’t Forget To Install the SSL Certificate

If you’ve never dealt with SSL certificates and do not know the subject Let me help you with a brief explanation.

SSL certificates are tiny data files that electronically bind the cryptographic key to an organization’s data. They enable the padlock as well as the HTTP protocol, allowing users to establish secure connections between a web server and browsers.

The primary function of SSL certificates is the safeguard your personal information stored on websites, including usernames, passwords, passwords, etc.

You can obtain a no-cost SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt. These SEO tips are super useful for any SEO professional whether beginner or expert.

Use CDN To Serve Your Content

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed server that provides pages as well as various other internet content to the user depending on their area, the location of the page as well as the content delivery server.

Simply put, CDN helps create cached copies of your site on various servers across the globe.

Why Do You Need This?

CDN accelerates your website’s performance and also helps you reduce bandwidth.

If you utilize CDN then you can be certain that there will not be customers around the world that will experience issues in loading the content on your site.

Test Your Website With Google Search Console

If you think only an SEO specialist will assist to fix all mistakes on your site then you’re wrong. Google can assist you with this.

Sign to sign up for Google Search Console.

What Benefits Can It Give You?

For example, look at the “Crawl Errors report to find any mistakes Google detects on your site.

Utilize Google Search Console to make sure you fix any error you discover.

Additionally, the ‘HTML Enhancements report will provide you with helpful SEO tips regarding your website.

Fantastic tool, isn’t it?

Indexing Issues? Run ‘Site:yourdomain.Com’ Search

This report will give you an insight into how many pages Google indexes for your site. Reporting displayed on your screen is simple. Simply go for Google search and enter site:yourdomain.com.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

You need to know the approximate number of pages Google will consider indexing for you. If you notice that the number is greater than you anticipated, then there may be some issues with indexing that you must address.

Add A Sitemap

Don’t be shy about assisting Google. Let the process of crawling the pages of your website more simple for it.

The most effective way to make crawling more smooth is by creating an online sitemap either by an online sitemap generator or by using Yoast SEO as a plugin in the WordPress website.

To Sum Up

I’ve begun this post by saying that the technological aspect of SEO isn’t something you should be worried about. The 10 SEO tips will get you closer to doing the majority of the technical SEO properly. If you have something else to add to the above suggestions. Feel free to share your ideas via the comment section. Don’t forget to share this post on SEO tips on your social media pages.

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