10 Websites To Check Google Keyword Ranking

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10 Websites To Check Google Keyword Ranking

If you’re in this post, you are aware of the importance of checking keyword ranking. You already know how keywords perform on the most well-known search engine.

Now, it is essential to determine what keyword is doing well on Google for developing a plan to increase ranking. Keyword tracking does not just boost the traffic to your website, but also the sales of your website. If you are aware of the top-performing keywords and design content according to them, you will increase natural traffic on your site and, in turn, increase overall sales.

Here are the top 10 keyword rank checker tools you can utilize to evaluate the effectiveness of your keywords. It is done to increase both conversions and traffic.


The range of options is vast, from PPC and SEO from SEO and PPC to social media, and video advertising analysis, SEMrush is a highly popular SERP checker for online marketing. This SEO tool is all-inclusive and will assist you in locating highly-paying keywords and the highest-paying keywords utilized by your competitors and also track keywords that should be targeted to Google. You can input the keyword lists you wish to monitor along with the country and the type of device. Every day, the tool will provide you with an up-to-date keyword ranking report that is displayed within SEMrush’s dashboard. SEMrush dashboard. SEMrush will also permit you to monitor the ranking of your competition’s keywords that you’ve chosen to target.

Moz Rank Tracker

Similar to SEMrush, MozRankTracker assists you in tracking, comparing, and improving keyword rankings across more than 200 countries. This powerful tracking tool provides the search engine ranking for pages as well as keywords. The greatest benefit of this software is that it saves the results in order that you are able to use the results to compare them in the future time. The rank tracker of the SEO power suite tool has gained huge acceptance among bloggers and businesses seeking to get an advantage over their competitors. A lot of people are using this tool to analyze their website’s performance as well as rank tracking and to analyze competitor SERPs for a long time.

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Google Rank Checker

It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to track their presence on search engines regularly to keep their eyes on the ball and devise strategies to increase their visibility in the SERPs. It is the Google rank checker tool that is completely accessible for use at no cost. It is as simple as entering the URL for your website or your domain’s name, the keyword as well as the keyword phrase you wish to see if you rank, and then choosing Google’s local domain.


Ahrefs is a well-known option for SEMrush. It has a plethora of features that have made it a cult. One distinctive feature of Ahrefs is it detects automatically the keyword your site is ranked for. This tool allows you to define rankings based on the device’s location and location.


Moonsy is a no-cost professional tool used for SEO that is currently utilized by novices, domainers, and webmasters. To determine your keyword positions in Google rankings, you simply have to type in the keyword as well as the domain’s name. The greatest benefit of using Moonsy to check Google keyword position is that it permits you to examine your Google position for one keyword across multiple domains simultaneously. This is extremely helpful for businesses with multiple microsites that link to their main site for money by using those same keywords.

SERPs Keyword Ranking Tool

Another well-known cost-free tool is SERPs keyword rank checker. It not only displays the position of the search engine or ranks for the keyword but also the data on search volume and CPC of one-word keywords and keyword phrases. Similar to alternative keyword rank tools, SERPs can choose either a mobile or desktop device and the location of the search engine in order to verify your keyword rank. My personal favorite is SERPs, a large keyword position checker tool that allows you to create an ad-hoc rankings report on any site with as many as 250 keywords in the same time in between 45 and 90 minutes.


With an ingenuous layout, user-friendly interface, and a main screen that spills to show all important data, SERPWatcher is a highly recommended SEO tool that helps to track keyword positions in relation to geographical place of origin and the device. It comes with a “Performance Index,” which will assess your tracking effort without having to examine the rankings individually. This could save a significant amount of your time that you could use to improve your site’s performance. Although the tool is available for free you have to move to their paid plans that allow studying additional keywords.

Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy is an SEO tool that provides three accounts for users: Research Tracking, Professional, and Research. The Research account allows users to gain access to PPC advertisements, PPC keywords, organic keywords, and much more. The Tracking account provides users with the option of tracking in real time. This lets users track their organic and PPC campaigns through Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A Professional account is a blend of Tracking and Research accounts. Tracking accounts. The goal is Keyword Spy is to help users conduct lucrative keyword studies and identify the top-performing competitors’ keywords.


Another option to the tools for free which can assist you in checking your Google keyword ranking, CuteRank lets you track keyword positions instantly across Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL with just one click. It shows a clear graph that lets you know if the keyword position is changing or down. This program is the simplest method of assessing how your keywords perform on the most popular search engines. It also lets you view an extensive keyword ranking history for various search engines using this software.


A tool for monitoring that allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your site continuously and the daily Google SERPs. Allorank is my final suggestion for online keyword rank checkers. The capability of this tool to track your keyword performance creates a long-term view of the efficacy of your keywords. This can help you to stay focused and develop high-quality content according to your needs.

The advantages of monitoring your keyword rankings on search engines come with a myriad of advantages. Therefore, ensure that you pick a tool that meets your requirements and stays ahead of other competitors.

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