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The Nearest Metro Station to India Gate – Know It All

New Delhi is the Capital of India, with 19 million inhabitants, and is one of the largest cities worldwide. There is a lot of traffic because of its huge population. If you plan on going anywhere in the city, Delhi Metro is your best option. The metro is a great way to get around the city. It is easy to find the nearest metro station to India Gate or any of your destinations. The metro system in Delhi is home to many vibrant lines, which are the lifeline for Delhi.

Delhi City: An Introduction

In this blog, I will talk about the nearest metro station to India Gate. Let us dive in.

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Delhi, one of the most populated cities in India is jammed with traffic all day. The traffic can get very bad during peak hours and evenings. It is often difficult to travel by car. There is a metro train system in Delhi that will take you to India Gate within minutes. It also saves you money.  India Gate’s nearest metro station is the Central Secretariat. This connects two lines: yellow and violet. The yellow line links Jahangirpuri and Huda City; the violet connects Central Secretariat and Badarpur.

Nearest Metro Station To India Gate

Central Secretariat is the nearest metro station to India Gate. The metro station is approximately 2.3 km from India Gate and can be found on the yellow or violet lines of the Metro Railways. It is possible to walk or take an auto from there. The journey takes less than 5 minutes. An auto will cost around Rs. 30-40.

Another metro station, Barakhamba metro station is located 3 km from India Gate. It will take approximately 15 minutes to get there by taxi. You can also travel from Pragati Maidan to Barakhamba station by using the metro.

India Gate can be reached by a Metro Station at Barakhamba Road, Delhi. This station is located on the Blue Line Metro in Delhi and is approximately 3 km from India Gate. You can reach India Gate in 15 minutes if you get a taxi or auto from the station. You can also take the DTC bus to Okhla Extension, or you could walk towards Kailash Building to get to India Gate.

Pragati Maidan Metro Station, which is located approximately 3 km from India Gate is another nearest metro station to India Gate. To reach C Hexagon India Gate Circle, you can walk from Pragati Maidan Metro Station to Mathura Road. This route will take you about 10 minutes to get to India Gate.

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About India Gate: A War Memorial

India Gate, one of India’s architectural wonders, is the largest and most important war memorial in the world. It was constructed in 21st-century India. This monument is a War Memorial and one of the most impressive architectures on the Rajpath. This monument was created in memory of the brave soldiers who gave their lives during the 1st World War.

A small, marble plinth with a reversed rifle is located in front. It’s capped by an Army helmet and surrounded by four flames that are lit 365 days per year. This flame called Amar Jawan Jyoti Smarak is India’s pride.

Another important feature of this area is the flame of the immortal soldier. The light is kept lit by CNG flames and is used to remember the Indian Soldiers who died during the Bangladesh Liberation War. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a popular name for it. Every year, the Republic Day celebrations include a tribute by the Prime Minister of India to the memorial.

The India Gate is illuminated at night during evenings which looks mesmerizing. It’s a stunning sight. Here you can see the names of the thousands of soldiers that died in service to the country.


Central Secretariat metro station is the nearest metro station to India Gate. You can take the metro or use a taxi to get to India Gate. There are many taxis in Delhi. You can easily book one at your destination. and get a discount if you book taxis through their apps. You can also reach India Gate easily by bus, and enjoy many other tourist attractions in New Delhi. To navigate the whole of Delhi’s tourist places, book a local Delhi tour for around 200 rupees. It will take you to the most important spots in Delhi. This will allow you to easily see the most popular sights in New Delhi.

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