10 Famous Local Foods At Indian Railway Stations

local food on railway station

10 Famous Local Foods At Indian Railway Stations

India is rich in culinary diversity and gastronomic variety. There is no uniformity in food flavor or taste between the North, the South, or the East and West. Indian cuisine varies widely across the nation, from the severe cuisine of the North East to the sugar-heavy cuisines of Gujarat. Local food on railway stations is a must-have to take benefit of tasty regional cuisines.

Most of you would concur that trains and railroad stations are the ideal locations to indulge in regional cuisine. India is home to more than 7300 stations for Indian Railways (IR). Some of these restaurants are well-known for serving regional cuisine and embodying the local flavor by serving delectable dishes. Have food in train and enjoy the fresh and tasty food right in your seat.

Explore Popular Local Food On Railway Stations

Know about various local food on railway stations below.

Kanda Poha at Ratlam Station

Kanda Poha is well-known throughout the nation at Madhya Pradesh’s crowded Ratlam Junction Railway Station (RTM). Poha is a healthy breakfast item that is steam-cooked with herbs and spices. Passengers are compelled to exit the train and purchase Poha from the station’s local sellers by its irresistible aroma.

Aloo Chat at New Delhi Station

Aloo Chat made in the style of Delhi is well-known. Try this tangy potato snack at New Delhi Railway Station if you’re taking the train for its unique flavor and taste. Aloo Chat, which is made of shallow-fried potatoes blended with spices, chutney, and lemon juice, may be the best local dish to have before setting out from the nation’s capital.

Daal Vada and Idli at Vijayawada Station

In South India, dal vada is often referred to as masala vada or chana vada and is a common dish. Idli is another well-known regional delicacy prepared with a batter of fermented rice and lentils. At the Vijayawada Station in Andhra Pradesh, you may get Dal Vada and Idli from a number of sellers. At this station, tourists adore the soft Idli cake and crispy Dal Vada with local tea.

Aloo Tikki at Tundla Station

The incredibly flavorful Aloo Tikki in Uttar Pradesh’s Tundla Railway Station is legendary. For this regional dish, foodies cite Desi Tadka at its finest. While riding the trains that run along the Howrah-Delhi route, you can taste Aloo Tikki, which delivers the ideal blend of spicy and sweet.

Kozhikode Halwa at Calicut Station

The purest form of Kozhikode Halwa is available at Calicut Station. Made with coconut oil, regional spices, and Keralan nuts, it has the consistency of jelly. When traveling through Calicut by train, tourists adore eating this regional cuisine to satisfy their demand for something sweet.

Ven Pongal and Uthappa at Guntakal Station

Especially during Durga Puja, South Indians serve the renowned rice and lentil meal known as Ven Pongal to God. While Uthappa, often referred to as Uttapam, is food similar to a dosa with crunchy toppings. Nobody would want to miss Ven Pongal and Uthappa while visiting Guntakal Railway Station because they are a superb example of a local couple.

Biryani at Daund Station

The biryani served at Daund Junction Railway Station is on par with that served in Hyderabad. Travelers on the Mumbai-Chennai route off the train at Daund to satisfy their thirst for mouthwatering Biryani. You won’t soon forget the aroma of the basmati rice and hidden indigenous herbs used to prepare this dish, I assure you.

Moong Dal Pakode at Bareilly Station

Bareilly Station is well-known for its regional cuisine in addition to being a well-known political base. The locals’ all-time favorite dish is hot, crispy Moong Dal Pakode. If you happen to be around Bareilly Junction in the state of Uttar Pradesh, make sure to stop by the neighboring food stand and pick up some hot pakoras to tempt your taste buds.

Pazham Pori at Ernakulam Station

Pazham Pori is a Kerala cuisine and includes banana fritters. With each bite of this traditional Malay dish, your mood will improve. You may satisfy your hunger with the greatest Pazham Pori at Kerala’s Ernakulam Railway Station. Furthermore, you may pair it with a cup of tea or coffee and it is the ideal travel snack.

Chole Bhature at Jalandhar Station

Punjab is India’s top culinary destination since it offers a wide variety of regional foods and drinks. One of Punjab’s top iconic restaurants, Jalandhar is famous for its mouthwatering Chole Bhature. At the Jalandhar Railway Station, sample the local Chole Bhature to get a feel for the spirit of Punjab.

Which Indian Railway Station has the Best Food?

The tastiest meals and snacks are available at several Indian railway stations. The regional local food on railway station will make your journey more exciting. In many Indian railroad stations, you may purchase mouthwatering regional cuisine. For example, Aloo Chat at Delhi Station, Lassi at Amritsar Station, Sandesh at Howrah Station, etc.

The finest snacks, drinks, and local food on railway stations can be made available through the RailRecipe.Com website or app. Therefore, be sure to give them a try as you pass a specific Indian train station.

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How Can I Order Regional or Local Food on Railway Stations?

It takes only a few clicks to order regional meals while riding the train. To order local or regional food at any Indian train station, simply follow these procedures.

  • Visit the RailRecipe website or download the RailRecipe app to order meals on trains.
  • Enter the 10-digit PNR number associated with your ticket. Select the Station where you want local food delivered.
  • A menu of foods and restaurant alternatives will then appear. Choose the regional or local dishes you want to consume.
  • Next, select the payment method for your meal order. You can either pay online or with cash on delivery.
  • Wait for the meal to be delivered to your seat.

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