How to Connect Free Railway WiFi in Your Smartphone?

How to Connect Free Railway WiFi in Your Smartphone?

Free Railway Wifi is available at Indian Railway stations for daily passengers. But, not all stations are equipped with this service. However, WiFi services are accessible at most junctions and railway stations. The internet has become a means to live our lives. The idea of living without the internet is difficult now. It has become a fundamental requirement since it’s not just needed for entertainment but also plays an important role in every area of our life. Whether you’re learning new techniques or performing work.

If you’re searching for an easy method for connecting to Railway WiFi on Mobile, then we have provided everything you need in this blog.

Step-by-Step Method for Connecting Free Railway Wifi to Mobile

We will guide users through simple ways to connect wireless internet from railways to smartphones:

Step 1: Open the wifi settings of your smartphone.
Step 2: Search for available networks.
Step 3: Select RailWire network and tap on it.
Step 4: Open an Internet browser, and then enter into the address bar.
Step 5: You’ll be directed to the next webpage.
Step 6: On the webpage, enter your mobile number.
Step 7: You’ll be sent an OTP. Fill in the OTP and press enter. You will be connected to the RailWire WiFi.
Step 8: Now enjoy the free railway wifi for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, repeat the whole process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QDoes the RailWire WiFi service cost anything?

A: No. Authorities in the government have taken the necessary measures to guarantee the success of the Digital India campaign. To this end, every major railway station has now provided internet connectivity for customers. Railtel has joined forces with tech company Google to ensure that all passengers have a fast internet connection at every major railway station.

QHow can you access wifi service while on trains?

A: Travelers who are boarding short or long-distance trains can also avail of the wifi service. The train with wifi facilities includes a wireless icon at the entrance of the train. It is necessary to have a high-speed wifi connection at railway stations.

QHow to connect to the free RailWire WiFi connection?

A: Anyone can access the Railwire wifi service at railway stations with the steps outlined in the paragraph above.

QIs there a limit to the number of users? Does RailWire wifi have a limit on it?

A: No! There’s no restriction to the utilization of Railwire wifi. Passengers can access high-speed wifi after signing into the system.

QWhat is the internet speed of Railwire wifi?

A: When you first connect via the railwire wifi, it will give you a top speed of 32 Mbps after which it’ll begin slowing down with use.

QDo you think it is appropriate to use the railway wifi?

A: Few critics have suggested that it’s not a good idea to connect your devices using the internet via a free or open-source connection as it could open your device for malware or viruses. But Railwire and Indian Railways have taken the appropriate precautions to prevent these threats. Therefore, we can confidently say that Railwire is secure for travelers.

QDo all Trains offer free Wifi?

A: Some of the trains have wifi connectivity. Connect with fast wifi connection when you’re traveling on Shatabdi, Rajdhani, and Duronto trains. In addition to these trains, Gatimaan, as well as Tejas Express, also provide these amenities for passengers. Indian railways plan to increase the number of trains available to offer these facilities in the near future.


The Indian government has taken a number of initiatives for digital India. WiFi in public spaces is just one of the steps implemented by them. Indian Railways has joined forces with the telecommunications company Railtel and Google to supply high-speed free WiFi at railway stations.

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