Simon Baker Net Worth 2023, Age, Early Life, Career, Family, And Relationships

Simon Baker net worth

Simon Baker Net Worth 2023, Age, Early Life, Career, Family, And Relationships

Simon Baker is a dazzling actor of Australian origin. Baker is famous for his lead roles in TV shows like “The Guardian” and “The Mentalist”. Baker, in addition to his acting career, is also an experienced director with a number of credits in the production specialty. Simon has ventured into film throughout his career and has had a string of notable roles as a star and a part of Hollywood blockbusters. Simon has an estimated net worth of $40 million.

What is the Net Worth and Salary of Simon Baker?

Simon Baker Net Worth 2023: $40 Million

Simon Baker Salary: $350k Per Episode

The actor Simon Baker has cashed in his popularity in “The Mentalist.” He signed a contract in 2010 that gave producers credit as well as an increased share of the back-end syndication profit. For the 2013 season, Baker made $350,000 per episode of “The Mentalist”. This equates to about $8.5 million for the season.

Brand Endorsements

Baker has been featured in commercials featuring Samsung, Givenchy, Longines, and NZ Bank.

Born: 30 July 1969 in Launceston, Australia

Age: 54 years old

Height: 1.78 m

Early Life: Simon Lucas Baker was born in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. The date was July 30, 1969. He grew up in a small town named Ballina in New South Wales which is near the Northern Rivers of The Australian state. In childhood, Simon received the nickname “Smiley.”

Simon Baker Career

In his acting career, Simon Baker started in the world of television through roles on shows like “Home and Away,” “Heartbreak High,” and “E Street.” Although these roles definitely contributed to putting Simon on the scene, they weren’t popular with viewers from across the world. Baker desired a greater challenging role than being a part of Australian soap shows for the rest of his life. Consequently, Baker moved to Los Angeles in search of larger roles.

His debut breakthrough came when he was signed for the part of Matt Reynolds in the neo-noir film “L.A. Confidential.” He played the minor character of a gay actor who was framed and killed. The film received a lot of positive reviews and was awarded the film two Academy Awards after being nominated for nine awards. The film also did very well in the theaters, netting $126 million.

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Baker was moving toward bigger and more prominent roles, but before that, he needed to pay the bills with several smaller roles in a variety of film projects, both feature and independent. The year 1998 saw him star on the screen in “Love from Ground Zero.” The following year, he joined the crew in “Ride with the Devil,” and following his appearance in a film for television, it was followed by “Sunset Strip.” In 2000, he appeared in the character of Chip Pettengill in the ill-fated sci-fi thriller “Red Planet.” The film only made $33.5 million from the cost of just $80 million and was largely criticized in reviews.

The Owner Of A Fantastic Career

The year 2001 was when Simon Baker first took part in Nick Fallin in “The Guardian.” The role would turn out to as one of the most well-known TV roles and helped him to become more recognized on the world stage. He was part of the main actors in the series for 67 seasons up to 2004.

Baker would later get more well-known roles in films such as “The Affair of the Necklace,” “Book of Love,” and “The Ring Two.” The film was a remake of the cult Japanese terror film “The Ring,” and it became one of Simon’s most recognizable film roles. “Land of the Dead” was another major film for Baker in that Baker played the lead role of Riley Denbo and gained widespread recognition due to it. The next film made”Something New” was his next film “Something New.”

The year 2006 was the time that Simon was offered a lead part in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada,” which grossed $327.9 million and earned excellent reviews from critics. It also helped advance Baker’s career in film significantly. In the following decades, Baker appeared in films such as “Sex and Death 101,” “The Key to Reserva,” “The Lodger,” “Not Forgotten,” and “Women in Trouble.”

The Actor Who Redefined The Art Of Acting

In the year 2006, Baker secured a guest part in the show “Smith,” appearing in seven episodes. Perhaps the most significant role of his career will be the next one to come along when Simon began playing the character the role of Patrick Jane on “The Mentalist” in the year 2008. Simon would play the role until the year 2015, appearing in an average of 150 episodes. Most reviewers have given “The Mentalist” positive reviews.

In the course of his time working on “The Mentalist,” Simon was able to find time to appear in several films, like “The Killer Inside Me,” “Margin Call,” and “I Give It a Year.” The year 2017 saw him write and co-produce and also starred in the film “Breath,” which was the film adaptation of the novel. He also was a star in the movie “Here and Now,” and in 2020, he then followed it up by releasing “High Ground,” also getting an executive producer’s credit for the film.

Relationships And Family

In 1998 Baker was married to Rebecca Rigg who is an Australian actress. In the course of their relationship, they’ve three kids who are now adults: Stella Baker, Harry Friday Baker as well as Claude Blue Baker.

Spouse: Rebecca Rigg (marriage: 1998-2020).

Children: Stella Baker, Harry Friday Baker, and Claude Blue Baker. 

Stell Baker is an American actress while the profession of her other siblings is not known.

Parents: Barry Baker and Elizabeth Labberton.

His father, Barry Baker was a mechanic and school caretaker while his mother, Elizabeth Labberton was a high school English teacher.

Sibling: Terri Baker (She is a physician)


Real Estate

It was disclosed in 2015 that Simon Baker had spent $6.5 million to purchase a new home situated in Bondi Beach in Australia. Before that, Baker and his wife Rebecca Rigg owned a terrace in Paddington which was purchased by the public in 2007 at $3.3 million. They then bought an earlier Bondi property in 2014 for $2.63 million in 2014. The smaller house was sufficient for the couple Baker and Rigg and they made the move to the $6.5-million home just one year later.

In the year 2016, Simon sold this unneeded penthouse in Sydney for $3.5 million in Australian dollars. The 1,450-square-foot home sold very quickly following its listing for sale. Additionally, the couple has a second residence situated in Nashua, Australia worth $1.5 million. Baker also owns a home situated in Santa Monica, namely a 4,755-square-foot home that was purchased by the couple in 2007 at $4.65 million.

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