Immigration Medical Examination

Immigration Medical Exam: Everything You Should Know About It

Are you planning to move to Canada? If yes, you’ll have to be able to pass theĀ immigration medical exam before you can stay permanently in Canada. This medical examination consists of several stages and you should be prepared prior to making your appointment! This article will help you with the process of scheduling the immigration medical exam for Canada residency.

Find Documents For Immigration Medical Exam

If you want to book a medical exam in Canada it is necessary to collect all the documents you’ll need for your appointment. This could be a driver’s license, passport birth certificate, or naturalization certificate. The panel physician may also request medical records from your previous examinations and treatments.

Immigration Medical Exam

To prepare, you should have a list of physicians you’ve visited in the past year, along with their contact information. If you’re currently on any medication, make certain to mention them. Allergies should also be notified at this time. Your doctor will be able to provide these documents if you do not.

Choose your Program

If you’re seeking an academic visa or permanent residency, you must see an official panel physician. The panel physician will provide you with the results of your medical exam to include in the application. She/He will give the immigration official all the medical information regarding you prior to their decision to accept your application.

Panel doctors will charge you by appointment, not per appointment, so be certain to inquire about the price for your appointment. In most instances, the panel doctor’s cost is covered by provincial health plans (if you have health insurance). However in the event that this isn’t the case, then you’ll need to pay the bill out of pocket. After you’ve decided on the date and time of your appointment, be sure to inform them whether or not you need interpreters at any time during your visit. Make sure to only request interpreters when they’re absolutely necessary!

Schedule Your Appointment

The next step is to make an appointment. Two options are available: IME Physician or Panel Physician. The first option is the Independent Medical Examination (IME) physician that Citizenship and Immigration Canada has contracted to conduct visa medical examinations. The second choice is a private practice doctor that you can make an appointment with. It’s up to you to reach them directly to schedule the time of your appointment.

IME Process

Do you have any chest X-rays? Some doctors may request this to determine your risk of suffering from heart disease. If so, it’s best to wear a snug-fitting top like a tank or t-shirt and then take off bulky clothes like vests or sweaters. If you’re planning to take your exam in the early morning be sure to not take food or drink the night prior. Bring your medication when you’re taking prescription medications. Dress loosely and carry an inventory of the medicines you’re using, as well as prescription medicines such as Ibuprofen.

Obtain Medical Insurance

The purchase of medical insurance is an essential part of the immigration process. For your exam result to stand, you must have the coverage of an insurance company for medical expenses. If you don’t have insurance there are companies that offer temporary insurance. Be aware that if you do not cover yourself and you fail the immigration medical exam it could be difficult or impossible to get into Canada in the near future.

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What can you expect during the Exam?

During the examination, you’ll be asked several questions regarding your health history: past, and current. This could include:

Do you have any allergies? Do you suffer from any skin problems? What medications do you take at present or in the past? Do you drink, smoke, take substances, or have other health issues within your household? Do you experience chest discomfort or breath shortness? Have you suffered any recent operations or injuries?

After the Exams

The last step is to determine the results of the tests. The doctor will call you regarding the results. If it’s positive, they’ll forward your report in the direction of CIC. They’ll also send you directions on how to obtain treatments for HIV.

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