How To Choose The Best Hosting For Your Blog

how to choose the best hosting

How To Choose The Best Hosting For Your Blog

You’ve decided to start the blog of your dreams? Great! Welcome to our club! You won’t have the benefits you could be as an online asset. While it doesn’t need investment in capital, one thing that is certainly worthy of investment is an efficient hosting service. In this article, I am going to discuss how to choose the best hosting for your blog.

Why Web Hosting?

  • Web hosting will keep your blog running. It will help protect your online assets from compromising by malicious attacks. It can even decide the speed of your website’s loading so it will determine whether users decide to stay or go elsewhere.
  • WordPress is the top CMS currently, boasting a 58.8 percent market share and nearly 20.6 million websites that are active.
  • Are you still not sure? Here is some information that could just be the answer:
  • As of August 2017, the number of websites was 1.24 billion sites that were accessible on the World Wide Web and 3.74 billion Internet users.
  • According to Forbes, 30,000 websites are subject to hacking each day.
  • Google makes use of the speed at which websites load as one of the factors that determine its rankings.
  • The statistics show that 86 percent of websites have “at the very least” one serious security flaw.
  • Can you really afford not to be aware of everything that you know about hosting on the Internet?

How to Choose The Best Hosting?

The first thing to be aware of is there are many kinds of hosting services to pick from and you must pick one depending on your particular requirements. Let us dive into the topic and know how to choose the best hosting? I am listing various types of hosting that you can choose from based on their specifics and your requirements.

Shared Hosting

If hundreds of websites are hosted on a single server, which is connected to Internet The service is known as hosted web hosting shared. This is an economical and cost-effective solution for businesses and bloggers since the total cost of hosting is amortized across several clients. But, you may need to address issues with security, email delivery as well as site speed issues that could impact the SEO ranking of your site.

Dedicated Hosting

If you don’t wish to share the server with other websites You could lease the entire server. This means you get an entire server to you. This is what we call dedicated hosting. It’s faster but also higher priced as compared to the shared one. It’s great for companies who wish to take advantage of the versatility and resources that hosting options to build a website with high availability and performance.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

What do you think about having a mini-server inside the server? A mix of dedicated and shared hosting. VPS also known as Virtual Private Server hosting is less costly than a dedicated plan that makes use of the physical server. To get VPS it is necessary for a physical machine to be divided into multiple virtual compartments. Server software separate from the rest is installed on each of them, allowing them to work independently. With VPS hosting, every site is hosted on the Virtual Private Server. This permits you to gain an exclusive portion of the server to host your blog or site.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This kind of Web hosting has seen huge popularity in the last few times. When you start searching you’ll find many managed WordPress hosting providers. You should however search for controlled services that provide automated updates, notifications for plugins speed-optimized servers, an integrated CDN, and more. Kinsta is one of the most well-known and reliable hosted services and is the best option because of these advantages.

Say “No” To Free Stuff

Who doesn’t like freebies, right? However, don’t base your selection of web hosting services solely on freebies. In fact, you can be able to find numerous websites offering free online hosting for websites. However, they are only for trial, with no flexibility. This type of hosting is a total “no-no” when you are trying to operate your own real company on your website.


In this blog, we learned how to choose the best hosting for your business? In essence, selecting the best web hosting service for your blog is like choosing a house. You can buy one from a brand-new source or lease one for yourself. The purchase of one requires a larger cost, whereas renting is more affordable and less expensive. I’d recommend renting for a while, beginning with small, and then, once you’re big you could purchase an individual host. When you lease a host, ensure you select one that is quick and reliable. It should also not be in a bad area.

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